Hamaguri Pile (Knitted) Socks
Used with soft pile fabric, these room socks are essential for the winter to warm your feet.

These socks have an embroidery pattern of triangles around the sock opening which look like hamaguri (clamshells). This is how they came to be called “hamaguri socks.”
Since 1955, Naigai has continued to satisfy their customers by selling Hamaguri socks with consistent, high quality.

POINT1: Handmade by craftsmen

The embroidery pattern of triangles along the sock opening is done by a special sewing machine called “hamaguri sewing machine,” which the craftsmen embroiders one by one thoroughly. After embroidered by a sewing machine, the craftsmen finish the elegant pattern by hand knitting the rest.

POINT2: Comfortableness of the inner pile fabric

Hamaguri socks have longer loops of pile fabric yarn than normal socks. This provides more comfort and warmth than any traditional sock. The pile fabric also contains 40% wool, keeping your feet comfortable the instant you wear them.

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“Comfort for Women”



URUNA provides relaxation as well as healthiness to people’s feet. 
Naigai’s attention to detail and our strong passion have created well designed and high quality socks.



Body Clothing

Advanced functional socks developed by a collaborative research between Naigai Co.,Ltd. and Tsukuba University: BODY CLOTHING TECHNO SCIENCE. 

Through a scientific study on walking and the foot, we have managed to develop socks that are the most suitable for sports and daily use. What we focused on is the arch of the foot. Although, the arch is supposed to absorb and disperse shock like a spring, walking or standing long hours causes dysfunction of the arch.

This will create a vicious cycle that will make you feel even more fatigued. BODY CLOTHING TECHNO SCIENCE prevents the arch from becoming flat by the special knitting we invented called “arch fit support”. Arch fit support helps to raise the arch while preventing the feeling of fatigue on your foot. Our exclusive socks offer comfort and support on your feet that you have never experienced.

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